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Bloocell® Cell Friendly

  • Its therapeutic safety is in the final dosage form depending on the relevant toxicological data and the intended application.
  • The US FDA’s 510(k) database is equivalent to the legally marketed device.
  • After hydrolysis, it is completely degraded and resorbed in the body and then metabolised over a period of 6 to 24 months.
  • It is safe to use with MRI.
  • Bloocell degrades very slowly compared to other biopolymers used in the body,
  • Due to its high hydrophobicity and crystallinity, it is suitable for use in long-term load carrying applications.

Observing the size, shape and required structural integrity of the architectural scaffold; it is aimed to provide strength, transport and internal growth of the tissue with the ideal microenvironment for the cell.

In osteochondral injuries where the cartilage defect is 1 cm deep, that is, accompanied by a bone defect, the matrix structure to be created will support the formation of the cartilage structure again thanks to the matrix structure and remodelling of a structure close to the subchondral original hyaline cartilage will be performed. In this way, large joint reconstruction surgery will be avoided and anatomical tissue integrity will be preserved. The joint/bone surface will be repaired using more minimal surgical techniques.