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Bloocell® Tissue Friendly

BLOOCELL®️ Bioscaffold plays an important role in providing the mechanical and physical microenvironment that cells need to proliferate and survive.

BLOOCELL®️ Bioscaffold is tissue compatible with its multifunctional properties. It is the current gold standard of medicine in the repair and regeneration of diseased tissues. The successful result of tissue engineering is the decellularised tissue matrix biomaterial based on the microstructure and composition of BLOOCELL®️ Bioscaffold, which is used as a bioscaffold.

BLOOCELL®️ Bioscaffold mimics the natural microenvironment due to their structure similar to the original tissue.

Its therapeutic safety is in final dosage form depending on relevant toxicological data and intended application.

The US FDA’s 510(k) database is equivalent to the legally marketed device.

It is completely degraded and resorbed in the body after hydrolysis and then metabolised over a period of 6 to 24 months.

It is safe to use with MRI.

Bloocell degrades very slowly compared to other biopolymers used inside the body,

Due to its high hydrophobicity and crystallinity, it is suitable for use in long-term load carrying applications.